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Headquartered in Cleveland,Ohio,US, Lincoln electric is a multinational enterprise dedicated in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products,whose robot welding system, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipments, brazing products are predominant in the global market.




Welding & Cutting Equipment

·         Stick Welders

·         Multi-Process Welders

·         Multi-Operator Welders

·         Semiautomatic Wire Feeders

·         Environmental Systems

·         TIG Welders

·         Advanced Process Welders

·         Engine Driven Welders

·         Subarc Wire Feeders

·         Welding Helmets

·         MIG/Flux-Cored Welders

·         Subarc Welders

·         Retail Welding Products

·         Guns & Torches



Welding Consumables - Welding Wire, Flux & Rods


·         MIG (GMAW) Wires

·         Murex Consumables

·         Pipeliner Consumables

·         Hardfacing Consumables

·         Cut Length Consumables

·         Submerged Arc Consumables

·         Aluminum MIG (GMAW) Wires

·         Flux-Cored Wires - Self Shielded

·         Metal-Cored Wires - Gas Shielded

·         Stick Electrodes - Mild and Low Alloy Steels

·         Cast Iron/Non-Ferrous Stick Electrodes

·         Flux-Cored Wires - Gas Shielded

·         Stainless Nickel and High Alloy



Robotics & Automation


·         Power Sources

·         Positioning Systems

·         Wire Feeders

·         Fixed Table Systems

·         Accessories

·         Lincoln Automation/FANUC




TIG275 K2619-2


Top Features

  • AC Auto-Balance® automatically adjusts for the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration when welding aluminum.
  • Or, take full control – adjust the AC Balance® to increase or decrease cleaning action or penetration on aluminum
  • Delivers the widest output range in its class with an amperage range of 2 to 340 amps
  • Upgrade with the optional Advanced Pulse Control panel to enable better control over heat input, resulting in less warping and distortion on thin metals
  • The Precision TIG 275 features the patented Micro-Start™ II Technology, which enhances starting and arc stability, and provides for more precise welds and crater fills

Input Power

  • 460/575/1/60


Stick, TIG

Flex Feed™ 84 

Top Features
  • Rugged and reliable engineering
  • Superior process control
  • Safety with every process
  • Advanced MAXTRAC® wire drive design
  • Modular design provides flexibility of configurations
  • GMAW

  • FCAW

  • SAW 

  • CAG (Carbon Arc Gouging – available with gouging option installed)

IDEALARC® Power Sources DC1000



Top Features
  • The IDEALARC® DC-1000 welder for submerged arc applications offers multi-process flexibility for semiautomatic and automatic welding. 
  • 500 amp output connections
  • Single range control - for precise output control and easy operation.
  • Terminal strip and output studs - for remote connections and cable.
  • Low profile case - allows installation under a workbench and for stacking up to 2 machines to conserve floor space.
  • MIG
  • Flux-Cored
  • Submerged Arc
  • Gouging
Input power



Power Wave® AC/DC 1000SD 

Top Features
  • 380 - 575 VAC, 50/60Hz Voltage Input – Offers the ability to be connected anywhere in the world. 
  • Easy to Parallel Machines or Run Multiple Arcs.
  • 3-Phase Voltage Input – Eliminates the imbalance associated with transformer-based AC welding machines.
  • Severe Duty – Can be stored outdoors. IP23 Rated.
  • Software Based Controls – Can be upgraded as new features become available.
  • DC+ Submerged Arc
  • DC- Submerged Arc
  • Balanced AC Submerged Arc
  • Variable AC Submerged Arc
Input power

NA-3S Controller 

Top Features
  • Operating Versatility - Easily adapt to a wide range of wire feed speeds and wire sizes.
  • Compact Units With Excellent Flexibility - Fit into simple fixtures or the complex automated production lines.
  • Rugged Construction - Minimize downtime and maintenance costs
  • Flux cored

  • Submerged Arc


LT-7 Tractor

Top Features
  • Vertical head lift adjuster for adjusting electrical stick-out from 1/2 in. to 5 in. (12.7 to 127.0 mm)
  • Weld angle is up to 50° from vertical on either side; drag angle is up to 30° from vertical.
  • Control box is conveniently located on the tractor
  • Submerged Arc