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Company Overview

        We are an authorized distributor for world's leading welding and cutting equipments in the areas of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Whilst, originating our business operation in Hong Kong, through expansion over past years, we have managed to open five branch offices in several parts of China, namely Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Langfang, and Chengdu. .

       The accumulation of ten years of professional experiences in the industry, combined with ever-better after-sales service, have listed us on top of the most influential and competitive groups in this sector. We pride ourselves not only on profound technical capability and strong management team we are equipped with, but also on the prestige and quality principles we are always making account of. You can always rely on us to present the best to you and we look forward to participating further in the development of China's welding and cutting technology.

        After many years of progress, our incomparable products have successfully seized a strong and significant position on various industries in China, including pressure vessel, ship building, gasoline pipeline, metallurgical blast furnace installation, tank fabrication, container industries, nuclear power station construction ect... Our ultimate aims are to offer you the state-of-the-art products which deliver you a higher productivity together with a noticeable cost-saving whatever your operations are.

Don't forget that it's you that we care most. Come and join all our valued customers, your choice on us can make a world of difference!