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Will welders' work be replaced by automatic welder?

With the wide application of automatic welder and the increasing labor cost, will welders' work be replaced by automatic welder?

This is each electric current in the face of his career a thinking, this period also shows the welders professional urgency, ago, Chinese craftsmen spirit is lifetime do one thing, or several generations do one thing, doing is the one hundred - year - old's business, but now this practice, such thinking may be changed.

In recent years, with the gradual increase of labor costs in China, the "Made in China" economic model supported by cheap labor is difficult to sustain. As an industrial "tailor", welding is a very important processing means in industrial production. The quality of welding plays a decisive role in the quality of products. Meanwhile, due to the presence of welding smoke, arc light and metal spatter, the working environment of welding is very bad.

Some tedious and inefficient welding methods will be gradually withdrawn, such as gas welding. Due to its large heat affected area, easy to cause workpiece deformation and low efficiency, gas welding has been basically withdrawn from the mainstream market and gradually eliminated by automatic welding and argon arc welding.

With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, it has become an inevitable trend to realize automation, flexibility and intelligence of welding products manufacturing, and robot welding has become the main symbol of automation of welding technology.

Welding robot has many advantages, one-time investment, low maintenance cost, easy to manage, continuous work tirelessly.

At present, especially high precision welding and some special welding or manual completion. Automatic welding is only stable and efficient, and cannot replace manual welding in some fields.

As mentioned above, intelligent and automation is the trend of welding in the future. Want to keep up with the pace of the market, we must follow the trend of development, in intelligent, automation above the chart development.

If you're still brainy, learn skills that can't keep pace with your development, such as gas welding and manual welding. On the one hand, employment channels become narrower; On the other hand, it is also bad for one's physical and mental health. Even in this field, it is at the low end of the welding industry and can only earn a subsistence wage.

The Idealarc DC-1000 welder for submerged arc applications offers multi-process flexibility for semiautomatic and automatic welding.

  • 500 amp output connections
  • Single range control - for precise output control and easy operation.
  • Terminal strip and output studs - for remote connections and cable.
  • Low profile case - allows installation under a workbench and for stacking up to 2 machines to conserve floor space.