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COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures in ALLFIT

Safety is Alltime’s number one priority. keeps us operating during this challenging time and further advancing our procedures.During the epidemic, Alltime made the following epidemic prevention measures,

1. Implement closed management of the factory. Enterprises should reduce the entrance and exit channels of the factory, set up inspection bayonets at each entrance and exit, equip with access control facilities and testing instruments, ensure 24-hour personnel on duty, strictly inspect and test the entrance and exit personnel and vehicles, do information registration, and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering the factory. To reduce general business negotiations, personnel visit and other activities, and actively use modern information means to carry out business exchanges.

2. Strict health monitoring of employees. Establish the daily temperature detection system for employees, set detection points in the production area, office area, dormitory area and other points, strictly check the temperature of employees, and take timely measures to deal with abnormal temperature. Workers should try not to use public transport to get to and from work. Corporate commuter vehicles should be sterilized in advance, and passengers should wear masks and take their temperature. After going on business trip to other provinces the worker returns, must implement quarantine measure strictly.

3. Strengthen environmental hygiene and dining management. Enterprises should disinfect all places at least once a day, and increase the frequency of disinfection in key areas. We will strengthen ventilation in public areas, strictly manage the use of air conditioners, and maintain good air circulation. We will strengthen the management of dining hygiene to ensure the safety of food materials and tableware. We will provide meals in stages and disperse meals to reduce the number of people gathered.

Implement epidemic prevention measures at the post. Strictly implement personal protection measures, wear masks throughout the work period, do not wash hands frequently, do not spit, do not litter, discarded masks and other anti-epidemic items unified recycling, centralized disposal. Standardize the work order, reasonably arrange the shift and shift, adopt the "small shift system" mode, reduce the number of people on duty in a single shift, suspend unnecessary meetings, all parties and other activities, so as to ensure less personnel flow, no gathering, no Posting.

5. Strengthen logistics vehicle management. External freight vehicles shall be disinfected before entering the factory. Drivers and passengers shall wear masks and check their body temperature to reduce direct contact with factory personnel. After the goods are delivered, they shall leave the factory as soon as possible. Disinfect transportation materials as appropriate. Strengthen the management of drivers and passengers, keep the vehicle inside and outside clean, timely eliminate the contact parts such as cab and door handle.

6. Make proper emergency response to the outbreak. Enterprises should formulate emergency response plans, establish a unified command and rapid response mechanism, and implement emergency duty, situation report, material allocation, force mobilization and other measures. To appear the worker of the symptom such as fever, dry cough, send medical establishment to seek medical treatment immediately. If a novel Coronavirus is confirmed as a pneumonia or suspected case, it shall timely contact the local DISEASE control department for guidance on the treatment of relevant persons and places, and assist in the relevant investigation and disposal.


Through persistent anti-epidemic measures to minimize the impact to our business.